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Individual Insurance

Travel Insurance

Welcome to IMG's section of Coverage without Boundaries®! We know that the reasons to travel abroad are many and varied - that's why our products are too. Our full-service approach to providing international medical insurance products includes se  ... More »

Life Insurance

Protect the ones you love with coverage to pay final expenses as well as mortgage, bills and future expenses such as college for your children. Term insurance is good for short term needs and lower cost, but coverage can expire later in life or becom  ... More »

Disability Insurance

You work in order to purchase the necessities of life. You insure your house, car and other items you purchase, why not insure the one thing that makes it all possible, your ability to make an income. Benefits can start in as little as 30 days or as  ... More »

Long Term Care

Chances of the following happening to you: House fire - 1 in 300 Auto accident - 1 in 30 Need long term care - 1 in 4 Which would you want to insure against? Long term care covers a wide range of services but generally falls into two categori  ... More »


Covers the cost of annual visits to the dentist as well as fillings, dentures and such. These plans are offered as a discount program, Indemnity or PPO program.


Covers the cost of visits to the eye doctor and glasses, either with co-pays or discounts. Some plans require you to stay in network while others do not.

Home Owners Insurance Delaware

Once you purchase your new home, the next step is being able to find the perfect homeowner's insurance policy to protect your purchase. In the event of an accident, you will want to be certain that your home and all of your valued possessions will be  ... More »

Medicare Supplement/Part-D Prescription Drug

For the best rates in Delaware, please contact us at 302-337-9400 Benefits are designed to work with Part A & B of Medicare, polices are "Guaranteed Issue" within a 6 month window of obtaining Part B coverage and all policies have "Standardized" b  ... More »


Holiday Cooking Safety The holidays are a time for family, friends, fun, and food. Unexpected fires are not a popular addition to anyone's holiday to-do list. Unfortunately, cooking-related fires make up the majority of home fires, with  ... More »

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Welcome to Daisey Insurance, Inc.! These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Daisey Insurance, Inc. Website, located at http://www.daiseyinsurance.com/. By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms an  ... More »

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