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  • Bruce Lambertson
    Lambertson Farms, Inc  |  Stockton, MD
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  • Steven Yingling
    Glennville Hollow Farms - Bridgeville, DE
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  • Megan Bishop
    Bishop Farms Inc.
    We made the change to Daisey Insurance last year, and it was a big step being we had been with our past crop insurance provider for 20+ years. I must say it was one of the best decisions we could have made for our business. We are a Farm Family operation tilling close to 2000 acres, Crop insurance is crucial! Mr. Daisey and Erika made the transition easy, they came to our farm and continue to meet with us directly for each growing season. Throughout the growing season Erika and I kept in touch on conditions, and as soon as we knew we had a claim she submitted it and we were able to get our checks much faster with her help. They take the time it takes to make sure everything is correct, in order, and submitted on time. They introduced us to enterprise units, which put all our irrigated and non irrigated units together. By doing this we were able to decrease our premium, while increasing our guarantee. It was a no brainer after seeing first hand how much we had been losing in the past. Their record keeping is also excellent. I myself love their mapping system and the booklets they present to you with each Farm number and map. It's easy to understand and helpful in keeping all your planting dates, varieties, weather conditions,and harvest information organized. And for the most part if you have the dates and settlement sheets for harvest, they do the work for you. Farming today is not easy, you have to be more efficient with every aspect of your business to be successful, Daisey Insurance has helped us achieve that while saving us both time and money.